DJ Harry - The String Cheese Remix Project CD


This CD is a continuous mix by DJ Harry, BUT instead of mixing different records by various artists and producers, every single track is a DJ Harry remix of The String Cheese Incident. Usually, when a DJ/producer does a “remix” it means they take one song and remix (reinterpret) it. In the case of this unique CD, DJ Harry took an entire live show and remixed it. The String Cheese Incident gave their friend DJ Harry a recent 24-track recording of one of their live shows. DJ Harry had carte blanche to remix, re-interpret and re-create from their entire set. He had creative control to produce new songs from their source material. Of all the beautiful sounds and elements on this CD, 90% of Harry’s samples are taken from The String Cheese Incident. The final result: a continuous mix CD of organic house grooves.

Track List:
1- Wake Up
2- MLT
3- Texas
4- Turn the Bend
5- Rollover
6- Sand Dollar
7- Round the Wheel
8- Molybdenum
9- Absolution