Dub Trio - The Shape of Dub to Come LP


Dub Trio are a cult band to cult bands. Their legacy, influence and performances weave their way through everyone from Lady Gaga to The Fugees to Mastodon to Faith No More to Matisyahu to 50 Cent to GRiZ - and beyond. The members have performed with, produced or inspired all of the above and have been seen on many TV music performances including Saturday Night Live's infamous 2018 Kanye episode. Dub Trio's music defies definition. The band were genre-melding melodic and aggressive elements over a decade before the current trend seen in electronic and pop music. They are revered by their peers as musicians of the highest order and celebrated by fans the world over. Not dubstep, not UK dub - uniquely NYC rooted Dub Trio. Part Reggae, part Rock, part punk - all beautifully melded through the process of Dub. Their music is a collaborative creation where all members bring their current influences, regardless of genre, and remix, reprocess and reimagine - Dub - it into an entirely new sonic journey. Much like the previous artists who have used the title "The Shape of XXX to Come"; Stu, Joe and Dave used the past years performing with other world-renowned musicians to help create a more purposeful, more focused 5th album. This is The Shape Of Dub To Come.

Release date 05.24.2019

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