Dub Trio - New Heavy CD

Dub Trio is one of the few bands that can open for Mike Patton (featured on this record), reggae legends The Wailers, hip-hop MC Beans, electro-pioneers Meat Beat Manifesto, firebrand Capleton, jazz-funkers Soulive, and electronica maestro Prefuse 73 (all of which they did in 2005). It speaks volumes about their music's versatility; one minute it's gummy dub, the next it's chest-beating, chug-a-lug metal, shredding punk, and bleeped-out electronic psychedelia. At its best, Dub Trio's music is simultaneously all these and more. Their sophomore album, aptly-titled NEW HEAVY, is undoubtedly a rock record that retains enough dubby elements to save the boys a name-change.

New Heavy is indeed heavy, and hard. It references Metallica more than Marley, and features the one and only MIKE PATTON (Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas) on "Not Alone," which Billboard Magazine describes as "an old school Faith No More-style rocker."

Their versatility and singularity have as much to do with musical acumen as with the communication between each member's unique personality.

1. Illegal Dub mp3
2. Not Alone (featuring Mike Patton) mp3
3. Angle Of Acceptance mp3
4. Table Rock Dub mp3
5. Jack Bauer mp3
6. One Man Tag Crew mp3
7. Yes You Can't mp3
8. Sunny I'm Kill mp3
9. Screaming At The Sea mp3
10. Cool Out & Coexist mp3
11. Lullaby for... mp3

Released 6/6/06