yeP! - Nitz Bitz live bonus cassette


Nitz Bitz is a weird, eclectic bonus cassette by yeP! that was released in early 1998 alongside the double live album Bosco's Magic Shop. It is an unfettered, unmastered, and possibly undesirable further look at what one could expect from a yeP! show.

These tracks were curated from the cutting room floor and various random bits and pieces from four years of live performance between 1993-1997, many of which were never meant to see the light of day. Some are just tracks that for which there was no room elsewhere; some are actual songs (ours and others'); some are unexpected ones; some are just jokes that didn't know when to quit. Most, however, were deemed either too weird, too mediocre quality, or too copyright-infringey to release commercially in any way, but were too interesting or unusual to abandon.

We make no excuses - either you will find some of these enjoyable or you won't. So here, for your dubious consideration, are some of the nitziest bitz of yeP!dom. Try not to take anything too seriously, and thanks for stopping by!

Cassette includes:

Where's Favre?
Tara Gets the Gold
Shakedown Street > Bathtub Gin > Mustang Sally > Mushrooms and Fireflowers > Shakedown
Pretzels in Albuquerque
Dr. Rosenrose
Often Wrong Soong
Gator Chaos
Nasty Fred
Watching the Detectives
Northbound Girl (alt)
King of Spain
Filter > Mister Freezy
Untied We Stand (alt)
Purples (new)

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