Calobo - Runnin' in the River Cassette

Calobo has toured relentlessly for the past four years and have earned the reputation as one of the best live shows on the west coast. Their fans have demanded a live record and the band has delivered. Recorded over two nights at The Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon this album shows the stellar musicianship and unique musical arrangements that have helped propel Calobo above other bands in their genre. Visit our web site at

Track Listing:
1. Pourin' Rain
2. How 'Bout You?
3. Dishwater Blues
4. Where my Love Grows
5. Feelin' in the Groove
6. Down the Line
7. Ballad of the Sad Cafe
8. Flipside
9. Highway 59
10. Put Your Pipe Down Baby
11. She's Gone
12. Mama's Cryin'
13. Simplification
14. Let it Roll