Tea Leaf Green - Rock 'N' Roll Band DVD

Busting out of a revitalized San Francisco music scene, Tea Leaf Green's latest release, Rock 'n' Roll Band, captures lightning in a bottle. The film joins the band for an evening performance at The Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado and offers an intimate look at a day in the life of a young rock band on the rise.

For the DVD, director Justin Kreutzmann, son of The Grateful Dead's Billy Kreutzmann, provides both a snapshot of where the band is today and clear evidence of where they are headed tomorrow. Part concert film, part documentary, Rock 'n' Roll Band balances blazing live performances with private moments of artful reflection and presents the magic that is Tea Leaf Green for all to enjoy. Just one viewing will be enough to assure you that rock 'n' roll never died.

Track Listing:
1. These Two Chairs
2. One Reason
3. Georgie P
4. If It Wasn't for the Money
5. The Garden (Part II)
6. The Garden (Part III)
7. Faced With Love
8. Criminal Intent
9. Flippin' the Bird
10. Franz Hanzerbeak
11. Incandescent Devil
12. Jezebel
13. All of Your Cigarettes
14. Devil's Pay
15. Morning Sun
16. Truck Stop Sally
17. Don't Let it Down
18. Sex in the '70s

Released 10/31/06