R.E.M. - Tourfilm DVD

Tourfilm is a fascinating, gritty document of R.E.M.'s 1989 tour in support of Green. More than half of the songs featured here are taken from their then new album. Most of the remaining tracks are among the band's most popular songs. Among them are "The One I Love," "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," and "Fall on Me." The band's live presentation of each song is universally superb. Tourfilm makes it clear that Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, and company all played with the utmost passion, conviction, and honesty on the tour. The DVD's PCM Stereo is clean and crisp. All songs sound as good here as on they do on the albums of origin. The raw, unpredictable nature of the performances actually gives Tourfilm's versions of the songs a slight edge over many of the album versions. Michael Stipe is the clear star. He's a virtual scarecrow, wearing vampiric black eyeliner and sporting a cool, bizarre kind of shaggy mohawk. His seemingly crazed movements and freaky dance moves are endlessly compelling. His vocals are spot-on, and his voice is in great shape. A massive background of superimposed video imagery lends an artful touch. The concert footage is culled from venues across the tour. It's a purposely edgy affair, shifting back and forth between black-and-white and color grainy film stock and videotaped material. The dark, stylized nature of the photography is perfect for the band's political, emotional delivery and subject matter. Tourfilm is an excellent memento of a stellar tour and a perfect snapshot of R.E.M. at their most powerful. ~ Tim DiGravina, All Music Guide

The One I Love
These Days
Turn You Inside-Out
World Leader Pretend
Feeling Gravitys Pull
I Believe
I Remember California
Get Up
It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Pop Song 89
Fall on Me
You Are the Everything
Begin the Begin
King of Birds
Finest Worksong
Perfect Circle

85 mins, Region 1 (USA, Canada)

Released 1990, DVD 2000