R.E.M. - The Spirit Of Radio (3CD)


It's now more than seven years since one of the USA's all time great bands called it a day, after having spent 30 years together - excepting Bill Berry's earlier departure due to ill health. To suggest that fans of the Georgian combo miss them like hell would be the understatement of the year. This three disc collection celebrates the music of R.E.M. across this lengthy time-span, and includes two superb CDs containing radio broadcasts of concerts from 1984 and 1989, along with a third disc containing media interviews with the guys from various points across their career. Superb quality throughout and eclectic tracklists make this box set a delightful addition to every R.E.M. collection in existence.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

Pale Blue Eyes
Second Guessing
Letter Never Sent
Seven Chinese Brothers
Pretty Persuasion
So. Central Rain
Gardening At Night
Old Man Kensey
Sitting Still
Driver 8
Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)
Radio Free Europe
Little America

Disc 2:

Pop Song 89
Exhuming McCarthy
Welcome To The Occupation
Disturbance At The Heron House
Turn You Inside Out
Orange Crush
Feeling Gravity's Pull
Swan Swan H
Begin The Begin
Pretty Persuasion
I Believe
King Of Birds
Finest Work Song
You Are The Everything
Academy Fight Song
Perfect Circle
Get Up