Prince - Three Card Trick (3DVD)


3 DVD Box Set Featuring The Finest Prince Documentaries Available

A deluxe box set containing three DVDs focusing on Prince's life and career. The set features the following complete DVDs, which are all the complete, unabridged versions including all original extras, set up features and menus. 1. PRINCE - THE GLORY YEARS - This enthralling documentary reviews and re-captures Prince during the decade in which he dominated the charts, the music papers and the award ceremonies, the 1980s. With the aid of friends, colleagues, fellow musicians and other notable contributors, alongside classic musical performances and rare footage throughout, this film discovers how Prince Rodgers Nelson quite simply stole the '80s as far as music was concerned. 2. PRINCE - SLAVE TRADE - Exploring and documenting the prophetic period in Prince's career, following his fall from grace with Warner Music in the mid- 1990s, this documentary focuses on Prince's rebuilding of his business strategy - a move which affected the entire music industry thereafter. With musical performances from Prince and much classic footage, and interviews with the man himself plus those who were there at the time, this is the finest film about Prince's career yet to emerge. 3. PRINCE - IN HIS OWN WORDS. Featuring seven lengthy, filmed interviews with Prince, given at various junctures in his incredible career, and during which he shows himself to be a hugely intelligent, remarkably eloquent, well informed and, crucially, most humane and compassionate individual. This compilation finally collects together the very best Prince interviews which, all at once, are fascinating, educational, and downright entertaining.