Freekbass - A Sliver of Shiver DVD


A Sliver of Shiver captures the energy of Freekbass LIVE from "Bootsy's Fall Ball" with Josh Knarr on guitar and Chip Wilson on drums. The legendary Bootsy Collins emcees the event, which concludes with an impromptu jam featuring Bootsy, Freekbass, Buckethead on guitar, and Animal Crackers on turntables. The DVD also includes over 40 minutes of extras including Freekbass live with Bernie Worrell, "Reds Fan" music video for The Cincinnati Reds, bootleg footage from The Howling Wolf in SD, plus much more.

"Bootsy Collins proti?1/2gi?1/2 Freekbass delivers a full-frontal funk experience loaded with more fuzzed-out snapping, slapping, and popping than a kettle full of Rice Krispies." - Jimmy Leslie, Bass Player Magazine

Feature length: 52 minutes, 53 seconds; Extras length: 41 minutes, 52 seconds

Released June 5, 2007