Freekbass - The Air Is Fresher Underground CD


Executive produced by Bootsy Collins. Features special appearances by Bootsy, Buckethead, Bernie Worrell, Catfish Collins, Richard Fortus and vocalists Carole Walker and Melanie Gregory.

"A freaky sense of play pervades bass and funk master Freekbass on The Air Is Fresher Underground. Produced by the legendary Bootsy Collins, Air snaps with crackling energy on the free flowing "Burnt Cat" and the blistering rave-up, "Play." Special guest Bernie Worrell adds his deft keyboard touches to "Do We Even Belong Together?" and Buckethead's searing guitar solos color the hyperkinetic track "Always Here." But this is Freekbass' party, and the bass-slappin' funk veteran lays down a ferociously wicked groove on "Gettin' It." Collins' hand in overseeing the material produces a sound that leaps right out of the speakers. Pumping beats mix with hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and funk so nasty it smells. The Air Is Fresher Underground puts Freekbass squarely in Les Claypool territory with an audacious presentation that pushes musical boundries." -B. Whiting, An Honest Tune Magazine

" -a combination of Larry Graham's thump, James Jamerson's precision, and P-Funk's flash and pop." - Bass Player Magazine

"Freekbass is probably the most appropriate name that he could have thought of. It's incredible. Simply perfect. An album where the artist showcases his bass skills completely. The bass rings through and grabs you. This is the type of album to play when you're testing your stereo or crusing down the street. It would be of no surprise to me if Freekbass is eventually guesting on everybody and anybody's albums soon!" -Michael,

Knock the Walls Down mp3
Do We Even Belong Together mp3
Always Here mp3
Invincible, Part I mp3
Play mp3
Burnt Cat mp3
Gettin' It mp3
Merge mp3
Check It
No Regret
Minute To Forever

Released 2003