David Bowie - Bowie In Berlin (2DVD)


By 1975, David Bowie had been driven to the brink of madness. A bad drugs habit, overwork, and the requirements of fans, critics, and not least himself, to regularly come up with new and challenging material, all contributed to his current state of mind and body. So in the latter months of that year, Bowie left L.A. and set up camp in a rundown Berlin apartment. His buddy Iggy Pop - similarly on the cusp of insanity - ominously joined David. While there, Bowie created a quite astonishing triumvirate of albums under his own name, and a further two with Iggy. In between sessions, he found time to star in David Hemmings' Just A Gigolo and feature as keyboard player on the Ig's Idiot tour. This 2 x DVD set uncovers the full story of this remarkable period of Bowie's life and the records that were created during it. It explores too his fascination with the city he now called home, and unearths the sources of his inspirations. Featuring exclusive and archive interviews, rare footage, performance film and a range of other features, these programs shed new light on the most creative and influential period of David Bowie's career.

Release date 05.04.2018