Dave Matthews Band - The Gorge (2 CDs/1 DVD)

A truly special release that chronicles the DMB's legendary three-night stand at The Gorge. The band even called upon their fan club to help with the tracklisting for this release. Over 3 hours of music and video footage in stellar sound!

DVD Tracks: Grey Street, Ants Marching, Pig, Dancing Nancies, What Would You Say, Loving Wings -> Where Are You Going, Seek Up, Halloween, Tripping Billies, Grace Is Gone; Also includes "Inside The Gorge" featurettes.

CD One:
1- Pantala Naga Pampa -> Rapunzel mp3
2- Song That Jane Likes mp3
3- Fool To Think mp3
4- You Never Know mp3
5- Granny mp3
6- Gravedigger mp3
7- Everyday -> #36 mp3
8- Two Step mp3

CD Two:
1- Drive In, Drive Out
2- The Space Between
3- Kit Kat Jam
4- Lie In Our Graves
5- Proudest Monkey
6- Warehouse