Zach Gill - Stuff CD

Zach Gill is on a true musical journey. From the moment you press play on his 2008 album Stuff and hear the opener "Family" itaEU(tm)s apparent that Gill is an effortlessly strong performer delivering easygoing Pop with a large dose of buoyant Soul. Growing up in Saratoga, CA, his early inspiration came from his grandmother Mabel, a church organist, and father Chuck, an ex-rocker. Zach's lifelong friendship since high school with fellow musicians Dan Lebowitz and Steve Adams (aka LAG) had the trio playing Jazz, Power-Pop Rock, Bluegrass and everything in between. The group evolved into the Animal Liberation Orchestra. Formed in 1998, ALO has been Zach's primary musical vehicle over the last decade. In 2005, he joined forces with college pal and emerging superstar, Jack Johnson. While ALO and Jack Johnson continue to tour, Zach has certainly been keeping busy. Recently he collaborated with Aimee Mann and Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) on a composition entitled, "At the Edge of the World" for the Paramount Pictures documentary, "An Arctic Tale." His music was also featured in the "Curious George" film and soundtrack alongside Johnson. This is Zach's eponymous debut solo project with Johnson's Brushfire Records, but it hardly sounds like a debut. From the moment you hear the opener "Family" it's apparent that Gill is an effortlessly strong performer - one who knows how to craft and deliver easygoing pop with a large dose of buoyant soul. Think Leon Russell or Levon Helm if they grew up near the beach, listening to a little Bob Marley ("Don't Touch My Stuff"). With unique instrumentation and a playful spirit, Zack Gill carries on a tradition of true musicians who revel in playing and creating, whether on the beach, on the road, or with his kids. He's on a true musical journey that shows no sign of ending, and his new record is simply an awesome glimpse inside the ride.

1- Family (featuring Jack Johnson) mp3 sample
2- Don't Touch My Stuff mp3 sample
3- Watch Them Grow mp3 sample
4- Back In the Day mp3 sample
5- Bettina mp3 sample
6- Small mp3 sample
7- Handy Man mp3 sample
8- Poseidon's Navel mp3 sample
9- Beautiful Reason
10- Fine Wine
11- Lizard's Bridge
12- Long (featuring Tristan Prettyman)

Released July 29, 2008