Z-Trip - All Pro CD

Z-Trip's new project is an explosive combination of hip-hop and rock's finest and it's got more energy than an H-Bomb! Z-Trip has built his name with a signature mash-up style and this record will please fans across the board. As expected, this record has a combination of big-name artists as well as underground heavyweights. A true burner from start to finish, All Pro is sure to get people talking!

1- All Pro Intro mp3
2- Sudden Death feat. DJ Faust mp3
3- Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em 2007 feat. Rakim & Chevelle mp3
4- On My Side feat. Lattef & Slug of Atmosphere mp3
5- Tom Sawyer Remix mp3
6- Doing It Like This feat. Clutch mp3
7- Go Hard feat. Dub Trio & Gift of Gab mp3
8- Something Different feat. Chali 2Na, Keno1 & The Hermit mp3
9- I Don't Need This Trouble (Instrumental) feat. Natural Self
10- Sho Shot feat Pep Love & Casual
11- Steamroller
12- Locked and Loaded feat. Deftones & Dead Prez
13- Automatic At It feat. Aceyalone
14- Bury Me Standing Remix feat 2Mex & Awol One
15- Bonus Beat 1
16- Bonus Beat 2

Released 7/17/07

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