Yonder Mountain String Band - Mountain Tracks Vol. 4 (CD and DVD)


YMSB returns with the fourth volume in their series of live releases, Mountain Tracks! This release takes somewhat of a different approach than previous Mountain Tracks. Instead of taking song selections from one live show, this time around YMSB has selected some previously unreleased songs from their live repertoire taken from performances spanning 2005. Mountain Tracks: Vol. 4 is filled with originals such as "Looking Back Over My Shoulder," a tune from YMSB's infamous sheriff saga, covers like the Talking Head's "Girlfriend Is Better" and the traditional number "Ruby," exploring the band's bluegrass roots. While all previous releases have been live audio only, Mountain Tracks: Vol. 4 adds a bonus DVD to the package, "The Europe Bootlegs". The DVD is a collection of footage from the band's first trip to Europe in the summer of 2003. From individual interviews to concert and radio performances, this never before seen documentary lets the viewer into the mind of Yonder Mountain String Band!

1- Girlfriend Is Better 13:27 mp3
2- Another Day 3:01 mp3
3- Looking Back Over My Shoulder 8:53 mp3
4- Corona 2:19 mp3
5- River 3:35 mp3
6- Ruby > Robots! > Ruby 18:40 mp3

Released 2/7/06