Yonder Mountain String Band - Black Sheep CD


For nearly 17 years, Yonder Mountain String Band has redefined bluegrass music, expanding the traditional acoustic genre beyond its previously established boundaries by steadily pushing the envelope into the realms of rock n' roll and improvisation. The result is music that doesn't stand still; it's always progressing and breaking unprecedented ground. With their latest album, "Black Sheep" (scheduled for national release on June 16, 2015), Yonder Mountain String Band begins a new era. The first YMSB release produced by the band itself, "black sheep" is, by any measure, a triumph, perhaps the most mesmeric of their career. Even on first listen, it becomes instantaneously apparent that "Black Sheep" is the work of a new Yonder Mountain String Band, one with a strong commitment to re-exhibiting itself, broadening its parameters.

Track List:

  1. Insult and Elbow
  2. Black Sheep
  3. Ever Fallen In Love
  4. Annalee
  5. Landfall
  6. I'm Lost
  7. Around You
  8. Love Before You Can't
  9. Drawing a Melody
  10. New Dusty Miller

Release Date 06.16.15