Yamagata - self-titled CD

These longtime HGMN members are back with their third album, simply titled Yamagata. The Memphis-based quartet delivers a little bit of everything here, from fire-roasted blues and caterwauling rock to soulful instrumentals and downer-jazz vocal tunes. This band is highly skilled at using a recording studio, and their ability shines through in the lush textures of this album!

1- Breath mp3
2- Let's Try One mp3
3- Mutiny Of Sound mp3
4- Lather & ______ mp3
5- Primordial Goo mp3
6- Blacker Than Coal mp3
7- Star Landing mp3
8- 3 Days, 4 Nights mp3
9- The Toejam mp3
10- Droppin' mp3
11- Red State Blues mp3
12- Ready, Set, Go! mp3
13- Ether mp3