Will Bernard - Party Hats CD

A guitar legend in the Bay Area, Will Bernard is perhaps best known for his work in the funky, inventive group Motherbug and the all-star funk ensemble Frequinox (featuring Robert Walter and Stanton Moore among others). Party Hats is yet another extension of Bernard's musical universe. Backed by a number of ace musicians, Bernard creates a fun, eclectic mix of rock-fueled, B3-driven, funked up blues, jazz, and electronica-tinged tunes. Bernard's jazz approach is juicy and sizzling, and his multifacted vision is glued to a groove.

Will Blades (organ)
Ryan Newman (bass)
Keith McArthur (bass)
Jan Jackson (drums)
Paul Spina (drums)
Cochemea Gastelum (sax)
Joe Cohen (sax)
Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax, melodica)
Dave Ellis (sax)
Mike Olmos (trumpet)
Adam Theis (trombone)
Josh Jones (perc)
Michael Bluestein (oran, electric piano)

1. Share The Sea mp3
2. White Elephant Sale mp3
3. Ripple Sole mp3
4. Leo's Cat mp3
5. Party Hats mp3
6. Afro Sheen mp3
7. Chin Up mp3
8. Newbie mp3
9. Folding Green
10. Rattle Trap
11. Penske

Released Feb. 27, 2007