Widespread Panic - Oak Mountain 2001 - Night 3 (3CD)


Widespread Panic and their fans held an annual gathering south of Birmingham, AL in a town called Pelham, the home of Oak Mountain Amphitheatre. Setting the WP record for consecutive years played at the same venue at 13, Oak Mountain conjures up musical memories that represent a true cross section of the Widespread Panic timeline. The final performance of the epic three night run, this show again combines seamless playing with incredible intent...exploring Widespread Panic originals such as Pilgrims and Diner while also delving into the timeless music of Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

Disc One
Set 1:
1. Bowlegged Woman
2. Space Wrangler
3. Walkin' (For Your Love)
4. Little Lilly
5. I'm Not Alone
6. Sleeping Man
7. Don't Tell the Band
8. Visiting Day
9. Henry Parsons Died

Disc Two
Set 2:
1. Travelin' Light
2. Thought Sausage
3. Sharon
4. North
5. Stop Breaking Down Blues
6. Pilgrims
7. Diner
8. Pilgrims

Disc Three
1. Drums*
2. Stir it Up*
3. Give
4. The Wind Cries Mary*
5. Climb to Safety*
6. Porch Song

* with Dr. Arvin Scott on percussion