Widespread Panic- Oak Mountain 2001: Night 1(3 CD)

Widespread Panic's 8th MultiTrack Archive CD, Oak Mountain 2001 _ Night 1, hits the streets on May 28, 2013. Recorded at Oak Mountain Amphitheater in Pelham, AL on July 27th, 2001, with the six original members:; John Bell, John Hermann, Michael Houser, Todd Nance, Domingo Ortiz, and David Schools. From 1990 _ 2002, Widespread Panic and their fans held an annual gathering south of Birmingham,AL, ina town called Pelham, the home of Oak Mountain Amphitheater. Setting the WP record for consecutive years played at the same venue at 13, Oak Mountain conjures up musical memories that represent a true cross section of the Widespread Panic timeline. Digging deep into their catalog including fan favorites "Conrad," "Barstools and Dreamers," "Greta," and wrapping with "Dream Song."

Disc: 1
1. Conrad
2. One Arm Steve
3. Barstools & Dreamers
4. Action Man
5. This Part of Town
6. Greta
7. Christmas Katie
8. Let it Rock
9. Radio Child

Disc: 2
1. Disco
2. Bear's Gone Fishin'
3. Driving Song - Blight - Driving Song
4. The Waker
5. Last Dance
6. The Harder They Come
7. Drums

Disc: 3
1. Fixin' To Die
2. Low Rider
3. Love Tractor
4. Ride Me High
5. Dream Song

Release date 05.28.2013