Widespread Panic - Johnson City 2001 (3 CDs)

With the official Widespread Panic Archives release of Johnson City 2001 that night's performance continues to take us everywhere....with old tunes, new tunes, borrowed tunes, blue tunes...and even a "Happy Birthday" for Todd. Straight from the "L.a." opener, this show just wasn't in a hurry. And to quickly prove it, "Ain't No Use," "Impossible," and "Worry" all realized their opportunity to stretch the body and mind before the band gave everyone a chance to catch their breath with a rare rendition of the previously unreleased "New Blue." A nice run to the end of the first set included a "Stop Go" reminding us that even though the set was almost over, everything was going to be alright. After instantly finding the 2nd set groove with "Weak Brain", the relatively new "Old Neighborhood" and the always-welcome "Trouble" continued to exhibit the night's patience. From that point, this show just didn't stop or disappoint....with creatively inspired renditions of "Love Tractor," "Pigeons" and "Airplane," and even an all-out, bass-driven "Astronomy Domine" jam from the drums. Mikey put his idyllic touch on the evening with "The Waker" before the band finished up the second set with "She Caught the Katy," a tune normally reserved for sound checks. The first of the night's two encores was certainly fit for a Tuesday with "Gimme" before they finally sent everyone off into that cold Tennessee night with nothing but a "Chunk of Coal" and, of course, a smile on everybody's face.

Almost a decade after this Johnson City 2001 performance, who could have been better suited than Chris Rabold to engineer the multi-track recording? As expected, he's taken full advantage of this unique opportunity to redefine for us a musical experience that he feels went a long way in defining himself. Perfect sound is certainly a holy grail in the sense that it will never be found.....as long as there is a knob to turn......but we should be glad Rabold hasn't figured that out yet and therefore continues to be relentless in his search. So there he is each night the band's out on tour, doing his thing while occupying what is arguably the best seat in the house....and still relying on all the experience from years past while possessing the unique insight and willingness to try a different approach when necessary. Simply put...a true professional. Listen to the sound....be it Johnson City 2001 or most anywhere since, and it's easy to forget that about midway through 2001 we had a black hole at the soundboard. Since then it's been paradise found.....in the key of Rabold.

Disc 1:
1. L.a. 4:45
2. Wondering 7:41
3. It Ain't No Use 10:27
4. Impossible 5:04
5. Worry 7:16
6. New Blue 4:41
7. Holden Oversoul 8:03
8. Stop-Go 10:20
9. Makes Sense To Me 4:27

Disc 2:
1. Weak Brain, Narrow Mind 9:13
2. One Arm Steve 4:04
3. Old Neighborhood 6:22
4. Trouble 2:57
5. Love Tractor 7:18
6. Pigeons 11:37
7. Airplane 14:06
8. Drums 16:27

Disc 3:
1. Drums and Bass 7:41
2. Astronomy Domine Jam 2:45
3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 8:16
4. The Waker 4:50
5. She Caught The Katy 4:21
6. Gimme 5:24
7. Chunk Of Coal 4:23

John Bell - Vocals, Guitar
John Hermann - Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Houser - Guitar, Vocals
Todd Nance - Drums
Domingo S. Ortiz - Percussion
Dave Schools - Bass

Johnson City 2001
Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN

Released 11.23.2010