West Indian Girl - Remix EP

West Indian Girl's immensely popular 2004 debut album turned a whole new legion of music lovers on to just how cool psychedelic music can still be. Many have found inspiration in the hazy, druggy swells of that album, and this remix EP shows just how well the band's trippy ideas can work. Each song (even the thrice-remixed "What Are You Afraid Of") glimmers and burbles in a new and unique way thanks to the vision of remixers like Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas) and King Britt, who leave enough of the hooky original track intact while manipulating the overall atmosphere of each. The musical importance of West Indian Girl is underscored by their versatile productions.

1. Trip (Richard Fearless Remix)
2. What Are You Afraid Of (Deri Remix)
3. Miles From Monterey (L'arsen Mix)
4. Hollywood (Gabin's Organic Mix)
5. What Are You Afraid Of (Mercir Remix)
6. Hollywood (Mark Sgarbossa's '86 Club Mix)
7. What Are You Afraid Of (King Britt Scuba Mix)

Released August 2006