Vorcza - Maximalist CD

Smart and danceable music with roots and soul! Vorcza starts with the language and tradition of jazz as a base from which to create new music, focusing on original compositions and improvisations. This is music that takes audiences to dizzying heights of of rhythmic and harmonic exploration and still manages to satisfy listeners who crave melody and nuance.

Vorcza is led by keyboardist Ray Paczkowski, who has performed on stages large and small across the nation as a member of Trey Anastasio's band. Drummer Gabe Jarrett is descended directly from jazz royalty; his father is world renowned musician Keith Jarrett. Bassist Robinson Morse has performed with viperHouse, Dave Schools (WSP), and Trey Anastasio.

"I was knocked out!" - Trey Anastasio

1- Congoman
2- Don'ere
3- Elements
4- Adios Pinochet
5- I'll Call In the Morning
6- Goya
7- We Live In Hopes
8- Pellmell
9- Backpedal
10- Three Car Church
11- Dreaming On Road
12- East Is Red

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