Vorcza - Corner Of The Morning CD

This musically restless trio keeps exploring new territory on their second album! The Burlington, Vermont based threesome is made up of Ray Paczkowski on organ and vocals, Gabriel Jarrett on drums, and Robinson Morse on acoustic and electric bass. On Corner Of The Morning, Ray adds his vocals to the mix on a few tracks, pushing the band in an entirely new direction. The result is a pleasing, cozy album that nicely displays the different directions of an evolving band. Touches of the frenzied sound found on their debut album mingle with a smoother style to create an engaging experience.

Special guests include Trey Anastasio, PJ Davidian, and more.

1- Crazy mp3
2- Standard Stick mp3
3- Shine mp3
4- Corners mp3
5- A Call For All Demons mp3
6- The Shuffle mp3
7- Faith mp3
8- F/T mp3
9- Little Sister mp3
10- Hell & Creation mp3
11- Hat And Beard mp3
12- Lifted On High mp3

Released 1/9/06

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