Vinyl - All the Way Live (2 CDs)


Vinyl's signature sexy grooves are back with even more Latin-fueled funk power! This double-live CD captures the sweaty dance intensity that is a Vinyl show. This horn-laden, conga-propelled fusion is simply scintillating!

Recorded live at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, 11/1 and 11/2/2002. Guest performers include Huey Lewis, Bernie Worrell, Rob Wasserman, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Cheme Gastelum, and more!

Disc One:
1- Lasiti mp3
2- Mokpok mp3
3- Things I Could Do mp3
4- Wax mp3
5- Turtle mp3
6- In the Basement mp3
7- Mas Cebollas mp3
8- Truth & Rights mp3
9- San G. mp3
10- Moonshine Heather mp3

Disc Two:
1- GIB
2- Whedawedat
3- Azwa
4- Sofrito
5- Wildebeest
6- Mole Rat
7- Animal 57
8- Skumbo
9- Sure 'Nuff, Sure 'Nuff
10- Vinyl Party