Victor Wooten - Live in America CD

Double-live platter from the irrepressible Flecktones bassist and his brotherly band! Uncannily tuned-in and funky, this CD is a neccessity for all fans of Vic! With Regi and Joseph Wooten, JD Blair, plus guests Bootsy Collins, Marcus Miller, Anthony Wellington, and Divinity.

Disc One:
1- Are You Ready Baby?
2- What DiD He Say?
3- Hormones In The Headphones
4- Nobody Knows My Name
5- Hero
6- Yinin' and Yangin'/Hey Girl
7- Sacred Silence/The Jam Man
8- Tappin' and Thumpin'/Born in the Dark/I Can't Make You Love Me
9- James Brown/Iron Man

Disc Two:
1- Miller Time
2- Good People
3- Imagine This
4- I Dream In Color
5- My Life
6- U Can't Hold No Groove
7- Me and My Bass Guitar
8- Pretty Little Lady
9- If You Want Me To Stay/Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again)