Various Artists: Dub Revolution-UK Roots CD

What is "dub", you ask? Instrumental reggae with a psychedelic edge. Dub unites the primal thud of drum-and-bass with the most that technology has to offer. It's an exercise in minimalism, while making the maximum use of space and time. Dub is spiritual. Dub is dread music. Dub is meditative. Dub is what you hear when you go to sleep: the heartbeat. The rhythm foundation.

This CD contains a murderous mix of 11 tracks from some of Jamaican music's finest artists.

Track List:
1- The Disciples - "Dub Revolution" mp3
2- Zion Train - "Cuttlefish Dub" mp3
3- Bush Chemists - "Tribal Dub" mp3
4- Testament - "Genesis Dub" mp3
5- Alpha & Omega - "Contentious Dub" mp3
6- Centry Meets the Music Family - "Release the Chains" mp3
7- Little Lord Creator - "Crying Blood" mp3
8- Scarab - "Mountain of Hadith" mp3
9- Tribulation All Stars - "Dub Through Jah" mp3
10- Fish & Goat at the Controls - "Dub Warmth" mp3
11- WordSound - "Dub-Hop Anthem" mp3