Umphrey's McGee - The Bottom Half (2 CDs)

The Bottom Half is a brand new double-disc studio album, a spontaneous follow up to Umphrey's McGee's spring 2006 studio release Safety In Numbers. Disc one features ten tracks that were originally put to tape during the recording of SIN, while disc two offers outtakes, alternative versions of songs, a cappella recordings, and other bits from the band's 2005 studio sessions. The Bottom Half features special guests like Joshua Redman and Bela Fleck, and truly stands on its own with a completely different vibe than Safety In Numbers. An acoustic reading of the UM classic "Divisions" wraps up a disc one that includes sprawling instrumentals ("Atmosfarag," "Great American"), an outright celebration ("Bright Lights"), and plenty of the band's inexplicable originals ("Higgins," "The Bottom Half"). Disc Two is a telling insight into the band's creative process, as bits and pieces of now-familiar songs reveal their early incarnations, and oddities that would have otherwise remained unheard enrich the listening experience.

Disc One:
The Bottom Half mp3
Bright Lights mp3
Great American mp3
Higgins Sir mp3
Higgins mp3
Memories of Home mp3
Atmosfarag mp3
Red Room mp3
Intentions Clear

Disc Two:
Words (a cappella)
Great American/Believe the Lie
Time Eater
Never Cease
Ready Noodles
Higgins (instrumental)
Heart of Rock & Roll
Fresh Start
The Browning Special
Ocean Billy
Intentions Clear
What Else?
Alex's House
End of the Road
Red Room Disco
The Weight Around
Words (chorus)
Memories of Home
Browning Family Creed
Biscuits & Gravy

Released April 3, 2007