Turbine - Reward CD

No one can accuse Turbine of playing it safe, and on the 2007 release Reward you can now hear what audiences have already known. From the energetic rocker "Don't Take Money from Strangers" through the dark bluegrass of "Roll On" to the New Orleans groove of "Invited," this New York City band puts a unique imprint on Americana with a style distinctly their own. With sheer exuberance and a high-wire act reputation, they push the boundaries of music in a way that's undeniably refreshing. Reward is Turbine's second studio release and marks their first as a full band. Jeremy Hilliard, singing lead vocals on eight of the nine tracks, adds an explosive electric guitar style steeped in the blues and roots traditions of the south. Ryan Rightmire, playing the harmonica and acoustic guitar at the same time, brings this classic combo into the 21st century as he manipulates effects that can turn his harmonica into an electric guitar, organ, and even a turntable. With the additions of Justin Kimmel on bass and Jason Nazary on drums, Turbine evolved to the next level, featuring three-part harmonies and an experimental group dynamic that has wowed audiences across the country. Recorded in Virginia and mixed in New York City, Reward showcases nine tracks that not only celebrate the past of American music, but point toward a future where its many styles converge.

1. Don't Take Money From Strangers mp3
2. Roll On mp3
3. Blackout Song mp3
4. Stand Down mp3
5. Cranberry Creek mp3
6. Invited mp3
7. Seven Years of Bad Luck mp3
8. Reward mp3
9. Rosehill Promenade

Released February 2008