Turbine - Don't Mind If I Should CD

Relix Magazine- April/May 2005 "On The Verge Artist": "After listening to Turbine's Don't Mind If I Should, I had to double check the credits to convince myself that this was a duo. Electric guitarist Jeremy Hilliard and acoustic guitarist/ harmonica player Ryan Rightmire are a dynamite two-man band. Their sound is exhilarating, with flurries of melodic guitars and wailing harp propelling the complex improvisations that are built around a base of blues and folk; a kind of modern-day Koerner, Ray and Glover, with a folk/blues-meets-jamband mentality. Don't Mind If I Should was recorded live in the studio, where they jam up a storm. Rumor has it their live shows are even more intense."

Smother.net Review - "New York City's Turbine have all the cogs and wheels greased up for their smashing debut Don't Mind If I Should. What's different and unique about this duo is their approach to songwriting, as they songsmith traditional sounds of bluegrass, acoustic rock, and Americana for a blending that reeks of genius. Just utilizing guitars, harmonica, and vocals, Turbine is not what you'd immediately expect from the Big Apple but it's what you'll now be holding as the standard. Amazingly this entire album was recorded live!"

1. New Age of Sun mp3
2. Desert Rose mp3
3. Traveling Man mp3
4. O-Dawg Stomp mp3
5. Farm Dreams mp3
6. Quicksand mp3
7. Slain mp3
8. Maritime Rag mp3
9. Wrong Side
10. Son of New Age

Released 2004