TR3 featuring Tim Reynolds - Watch It CD


With a career spanning more than forty years, two-time GRAMMY nominee and sonic innovator TR3 featuring Tim Reynolds is lauded as one of the most dynamic and unrivaled instrumentalists in recent history. Best known for his seemingly effortless guitar virtuosity, masterful command of melody and timing, and uncanny improvisational prowess, Reynolds' unequivocal contributions to American jam-rock outfit Dave Matthews Band and bevy of namesake ventures continue to garner worldwide acclaim. Among his most enduring projects is TR3 featuring Tim Reynolds, an ever-evolving sonic experiment Reynolds started in the mid-1980s and was joined by first-rate players Dan Martier and Mick Vaughn in 2007. The group is set to release its highly anticipated studio release, Watch It, in early 2024. Featuring ten mostly-instrumental numbers, the forthcoming collection will see the trio in its most perceptive, harmonious, and imaginative form to date. A striking tapestry of funk, jazz, and rock varieties, Watch It boasts a troth of innovative arrangements that defy classification. Soon joining the trio's extensive catalog of critically-celebrated releases, fans can expect a one of a kind musical spectacle that places TR3 featuring Tim Reynolds at the top of their game.


All By Design

Watch It

So Am I

The Sun is Still There

Going Places (Once Upon a Tune)

Dirty Feet

You Can You Have You Will

Mutant Swarm

If Everything Could Be OK for Just One Moment

Golden Flower


Release date 01.19.24