TR3 featuring Tim Reynolds - The Sea Versus the Mountain CD


The Sea Versus The Mountain features eleven original tunes by Tim Reynolds, with help from his astoundingly talented band mates, bassist Mick Vaughn, and drummer Dan Martier. TR3's multi-instrumental sonic layering, from guitars, moog synthesizer, and pan drum, to congas, tibetan bells, and trumpet creates a vibe from mellow to euphoric. "I'm excited about this album; it's deeper and different from anything TR3 has done in the past. The improvised touches are some of the nicest parts," according to Tim. This mostly instrumental journey electrifies and exhilarates.

  1. Radar Contact listen
  2. A Bone to Pick listen
  3. On This Mountain, Born in Clouds listen
  4. I Wanna Get With You listen
  5. Galloping Sea Dogs listen
  6. Breathing Space listen
  7. The Left Hand of Darkness listen
  8. Was It Just A Dream? listen
  9. Seize the Day/Siege Engine listen
  10. 666 (I Have to Call My Boss) listen
  11. Boiling Cauldron listen

Release date 2.1.2019