Tim Reynolds - The Limbic System (2 CDs)

The new, long-awaited SOLO ACOUSTIC double CD! All tracks were written by Tim and recorded in Santa Fe in 2006-7. Most all were recorded at TR's home studio but a couple were recorded at Stepbridge Studios in Santa Fe, NM. One disc is entirely instrumental, the other with vocals. Named after the part of the brain responsible for memories and pleasure, The Limbic System is a bit mysterious and the songs draw their inspiration from Reynolds' wide-ranging interests.

Although lately he's been surrounded by electric guitars, Reynolds always keeps an acoustic guitar close by, even when he's on the road with the Dave Matthews Band or TR3. "When I play my acoustic guitar, I fand that more original music develops and unfolds. It's good for me spiritually, as my body naturally has a desire to keep playing."

01: Che listen
02: Vantage Point listen
03: Sinceritox listen
04: Dissolution listen
05: If The Ocean Had Its Way listen
06: South Fork Mud listen
07: Hug listen
08: Matters Most listen
09: Good Intentions listen
10: Doom listen
11: Illusion listen
12: Arroyo listen
13: Uncle Chair listen
14: Scarab listen

01: Hands Full listen
02: We Are From Outer Space listen
03: To The Next listen
04: The Truth listen
05: Smells So Sweet listen
06: She's Not Your Woman Anymore listen
07: Ships Passing listen
08: At Times, These Times, Sometimes listen
09: Fuck Yeah listen
10: Old Bones Rollin' listen
11: This Is The One listen
12: Ancestors listen

Released 08.10.2010