The Terpsichords - Burt Reynolds CD


Produced by guitarist Doug Grean (Sheryl Crow, Velvet Revolver), Burt Reynolds combines the soulful sounds of New Orleans street music and the bouncy, celebratory funk of Los Angeles.  The Terpsichords - a motley crew of LA musicians with a traditional guitar(Doug)/keys (Valerie Taylor)/bass (Jon Spence)/drums (Keith Larsen) lineup - gives you the sense that while the band enjoys 21st century music, their collective mind lives and plays in a world that can only be described as retro - but don't mistake that with Mark Ronson's latest...this retro harkens back to a loose, bayou groove and laid-back west coast jam.  In the words of Dave Malone of The Radiators and Raw Oyster Cult, "This baby is packed full of interesting songs that cover a lot of ground...from both LA's...Louisiana and Los Angeles.  Just know this: Burt Reynolds is a quality record that I enjoyed immensely."

Track Listing

  1. Mother's Debris listen
  2. Otter Fodder listen
  3. Frantic listen
  4. Afrotino listen
  5. Sail On St John listen
  6. Once Sept Bleu listen
  7. Sabotage listen
  8. Siracha listen
  9. Homage Collage listen