The Silo Effect - Treehouse CD

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The Silo Effect: collective of musicians with a passion for uniting fresh sounds with infectious grooves. "Treehouse" is a magnetic look into the diverse musical abilities and soulful style that this electronic-jam quartet has uniquely defined, their own. This five track E.P embraces ideas of universality and higher consciousness- uplifting melodies coupled with colorful, sonic landscapes. Well-known for their captivating, energetic live performances, The Silo Effect thrives on their ability to leave their audience with an original mark of unified elation; "Treehouse" is no exception.

Track List:
1. Treehouse 8:24 listen
2. Kasyapa 9:18 listen
3. Surfaces 10:12 listen
4. Yam Fighter 4:53 listen
5. Flight of the Dog 12:12 listen

Released 02.08.11