The Recipe - Jubilee CD

Jubilee, The Recipe's first studio album in over 5 years, presents a new look for the band. Featuring the vocals and songs of founder Joe Prichard almost exclusively, this new concoction combines bass, drums, and percussion with banjo and acoustic guitar to create a classic home-baked sound. Recorded with little to no frills, Jubilee is dedicated to all military personnel and their families and is centered around the multi-sectional jam "Davie's Jubille," which tells the tale of a musically inclined West Virginian sent off to war.

When The Snow Falls mp3
Make Time For Love mp3
Strangely Familiar mp3
Shotgun Wedding mp3
Davie's Jubilee mp3
I. Family Portrait
II. Letters Home
III. Playing In My Dreams
IV. Whiskey Before Breakfast
V. Mountain Wedding Song
The World Today mp3
Holy Dice mp3
Little Maggie mp3
Walk Of Shame mp3
One Eye Laugh, One Eye Cry mp3

Released Nov. 2006