Joe Prichard Band - Just Play the Damn Song CD

Joe Prichard is the frontman and founding member of The Recipe, a long standing Mid-Atlantic favorite and HGMN Hall of Fame member. In his first solo effort Joe is re-united with Love Marble Hoe Down and Night of the Porch People co-producer and friend Kim Monday to share with us a collection of well crafted songs that lean in more of a classic guitar rock direction. High energy as always, Prichard has definitely broken new ground and shows much musical growth on this highly enjoyable CD.

Track List:
1 The Dirty Mile mp3 sample
2 Down With Hollywood mp3 sample
3 One More Night mp3 sample
4 Why Do We mp3 sample
5 Politics mp3 sample
6 When the Snow Falls mp3 sample
7 Get Back Down mp3 sample
8 Angel Dance mp3 sample
9 One Day Away From the Cusp mp3 sample
10 In Your Life mp3 sample

Released in 2009.