The Radiators - Live at Jazz Fest 2006 (2 CDs)


Official live recording from JazzFest Live!

The quintessential New Orleans rockers brought the Jazz Fest crowd a celebration of the city with this show! With guests Warren Haynes ("New Orleans"), Theresa Andersson ("Where Was U At?" and "Shine Tonight"), Susan Cowsill (whole show) and Tim Green (whole show), this set perfectly captures the camraderie of the NOLA scene!

Disc 1:
1- Intro
2- Jump Back
3- The Man Who Lost His Head
4- 7 Devils
5- New Orleans
6- Umbilical

Disc 2:
1- City Of Refuge
2- Don't Pray For Me
3- Lost Radio
4- Where Was U At?
5- Shine Tonight
6- Wild And Free