The Radiators - Bucket of Fish CD

Bucket Of Fish features highlights from The Radiators' 1992 shows at The World Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota. Keyboardist Ed Volker and guitarist Dave Malone trade off lead vocals for "Little Paradise," a fan favorite. "Go Back The Way You Came" shows off the band's formidable rock and roll side and is a flavorful tip of the hat to classic New Orleans music.

1 Nightmare On The Misery Train/Take Your Dead Ass Home (9:14) mp3
2 Drinkin' Dragons Blood (6:11) mp3
3 Kamikaze (4:50) mp3
4 Straight Eight (6:59) mp3
5 Smokin' Hole (4:56) mp3
6 Nasty Boogie Woogie (4:20) mp3
7 Hold Back The Flood (5:09) mp3
8 Go Back The Way You Came (4:33) mp3
9 Little Paradise (3:50)
10 March On Down To Valentine (5:48)
11 I'm in the Mood (4:48)

Originally released 1992, re-released 2007