The Polyphonic Spree - The Beginning Stages of... CD

This "demo" was recorded in a mere 3 days, but it sounds like something much more arduous. The band felt compelled to release this brilliant collection to appease an overwhelming demand for all things Spree. Like the innovative pop artists of yesteryear, The Polyphonic Spree know the importance of lush arrangements. Their HUGE sound is accented by viola, cello, trumpet, french horn, trombone, flute, theremin, a 10 person choir, and a veritable orchestra of other instruments.

1. Section 1: Have A Day/Celebratory mp3
2. Section 2: It's The Sun mp3
3. Section 3: Days Like This Keep Me Warm mp3
4. Section 4: La La mp3
5. Section 5: Middle Of The Day mp3
6. Section 6: Hanging Around The Day Part 1 mp3
7. Section 7: Hanging Around The Day Part 2 mp3
8. Section 8: Soldier Girl mp3
9. Section 9: Light & Day/Reach For The Sun
10. Section 10: A Long Day

Released February 5, 2002