The Peach Truck Republic - Barnboard Blonde CD

Gorgeous melodies, intelligent, carefully crafted and surprising arrangements, concise and energetic performances, folk-cryptic lyrics galore, and more--this is a band of musicians who have developed a musical style that is capable of sustaining a more profound artistic element, one that's been a long time coming for grassroots rock music. Homegrown and hand-sewn, bawdy and yet classic in its refinement: Welcome to The Peach Truck Republic. This band's cuisine bourgeoisie is spread across the table for everybody, and there are plainspoken reasons for why that is so.

Since the informal establishment of The Peach Truck back in the fall of '93, they've been serving from a vast menu of musical explorations, one that has resulted in a noteworthy celebration and marriage of life's most perennial traditions. From John Lee Hooker to Neil Young, from The Grateful Dead to The Allman Brother's Band, from James Brown to Bob Dylan, from Peter Green to Led Zeppelin, and so on ad infinitum--the essential ingredients have been tasted and taken, the aggregate of which may best be described as The Peach Truck Republic's newborn "progressive-folk-blues."

1- Handsome Johnny mp3
2- Come What May mp3
3- Lilly Of The Valley mp3
4- Sleeping Beauty mp3
5- Laurel And Oleander mp3
6- All In Good Time mp3
7- Skin Deep mp3
8- Tried And True mp3
9- Lo And Behold mp3
10- Higher Ground mp3
11- Hallelujah Fly Away mp3
12- Just As I Am