The New Familiars - The Storm EP

From the foothills of Appalachia a new musical combo has appeared, grown from seeds of the folk, blues, and bluegrass found abundant in the Carolinas, yet shaped by the undeniable power of rock and roll. Known as The New Familiars, these five gentlemen combine an amazing passion for harmony with multi-instrumental talent and unusual storytelling abilities.

While describing their songwriting as "folk music from the core", the band has constantly stretched the boundaries of 'genre labels'. Since their debut in late 2006, they've fused the multitudes of musical influences that each member brings to the table onto a foundation built upon traditional instruments such as resonator guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica. Yet glimpses of new material hint towards even broader musical horizons while still maintaining - and even reinforcing - the unique sound that has so defined the band.

All this, most especially when combined with their intense live performances, serve as signs pointing to one very clear statement: The New Familiars are a powerful swell in a new wave of honest, roots-derived rock music sweeping the nation.

1- Annalein mp3 sample
2- Got This Disease mp3 sample
3- Conflicts of Interest mp3 sample
4- Walkin' Whiskey Blues mp3 sample
5- The Storm mp3 sample
6- Tongue Tied mp3 sample

Released 2007