The Motet - Play CD

Coloradismo! This Boulder sextet funks easily, grooves with flavor, and enlists elements of world music, jazz, cuban, calypso, and more into their well-refined sound. It's been the toughest CD to describe that I have written about! How about this - they make everything they do sound so easy, it's like anything could happen at any moment, and it does. Whew!

Track List:

1- Chicken Scratch
2- Do What You Want
3- Madrina Ayudame
4- The Lesson
5- Minha Mae Ochunmare
6- Keimbeng
7- Givin' What You Can
8- Guinee Kan
9- Howard
10- Ellegua/Chango
11- El Muy Nervio
12- Bobo
13- Rhumbata