The Motet - Death or Devotion CD


Throughout history, unity starts on the dancefloor. That might just be the purest form of energy on the planet. The Motet harness such energy on their ninth full-length, "Death or Devotion". "Death Or Devotion" encodes a message in their energetic melange of boisterous badass funk, swaggering soul, and thought-provoking pop.

1 Highly Compatible
2 Whacha Gonna Bring
3 Joke's on Me
4 Death or Devotion
5 That Dream
6 Get It Right
7 Kneebone
8 Supernova
9 Contagious
10 Speed of Light

Release date 02.08.2019

1. Highly Compatible 06:05
2.Whacha Gonna Bring 05:07
3.Joke's On Me 05:54
4.Death Or Devotion 04:25
5.That Dream 06:11
6.Get It Right 07:26
7.Kneebone 05:33
8.Supernova 06:34
9.Contagious 05:02
10. Speed Of Light 04:45

Release date 02.15.2019