The Lee Boys - Say Yes! CD

The Sacred Steel sound is as vibrant and spiritual as it gets on this CD, which captures the intense rhythms, skyrocketing guitar, and joyous noise of The Lee Boys. You could call it "aggressive gospel," "spiritual rock," or any other oxymoronic phrase you can conjure, but the bottom line is these boys throw down!

1. Say Yes! mp3
2. Joyful Sounds [Instrumental] mp3
3. Walk With Me mp3
4. Come on Help Me Lift Him Up mp3
5. Call Him by His Name [Instrumental] mp3
6. If You're Happy and You Know It mp3
7. You've Got to Move mp3
8. Tribute to Calvin Cooke [Instrumental] mp3
9. Let's Celebrate mp3
10. Amazing Grace mp3
11. Lee Boys Praise Jam [Instrumental] mp3

Released March 2005

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