The Infamous Stringdusters CD


The Infamous Stringdusters' self-titled new release represents all the band has become during two years of intense touring, meticulous woodshedding, and brotherly jamming. It's their first record with accomplished guitarist Andy Falco, whose blues-infused licks and stunning virtuosity have added a new facet to the band's musical personality. It's also the first with the band's dream producer, Tim O'Brien, a Grammy-winning musician who has pioneered and embodied the progressive school of roots and bluegrass that underlies the ISD sound.

1- I Won't Be Coming Back mp3
2- Well Well mp3
3- When Silence Is the Only Sound mp3
4- Bound For Tennessee mp3
5- Glass Elevator mp3
6- Three Days in July mp3
7- The Way I See You Now mp3
8- Golden Ticket mp3
9- I Wonder
10- Get It While You Can
11- You Can't Handle the Truth
12- Lovin' You
13- Black Rock

Released 6/10/08