The Indobox - Installation CD

The Indobox is more than a simple 4-piece rock outfit. The Indobox is more than just nice songs with catchy lyrics. Hailing from Boston, MA with its roots in Northeast PA, this band is quickly reaching across the East coast, captivating listeners, and starting parties everywhere they go, bringing something they call DanceRock. The Indobox has developed a hefty repertoire of finely tuned originals and inspired covers. All four musicians prove their marked ability, both singing and on their respective instruments. Being formally trained musicians, all graduates of Berklee College of Music, influences are found in contemporary music and in elements of traditional and world music. Stylistic comparisons could be drawn to archetypes of the jam/rock sound such as Phish or the Grateful Dead, though more articulate similarities would reference the darker and brighter extremes characterized by the likes of Frank Zappa The Smashing Pumpkins, and Pink Floyd.

The Indobox's sophisticated approach to song writing and impressive instrumental abilities are only the foundation upon which this band exists, generating and harnessing an unspeakable energy, exploding with frenzied excitement. The stellar communication between Mike, Joe, Steve, and Quinn lends itself to escalating peaks, right-on-the-money transitions, and monumental segues.

The Indobox is clearing a path for the next generation of Rock,with a big nod to those before them. Incendiary guitars, full, rounded harmonies, thumping grooves, spectacular songcraft, and an unearthly ability to turn anyone on characterize this emerging rock band.

1- I Can't Stop mp3
2- Portman mp3
3- Lighthouse mp3
4- History Falls mp3
5- You're The Painter mp3
6- Making Waves mp3
7- In the Night mp3
8- Last Night mp3
9- Installation mp3

Released Nov. 2006