The Gourds - Blood Of The Ram CD

Somewhere out yonder at the end of a hot, sweaty summer, the Gourds plunged their hands into the warm, wet earth and pulled their sound out of the soil - roots and all. And a bountiful harvest it was that season because every couple years, the Gourds cut off another slice of homegrown music, toss it into a frying pan full of fresh, diced fatback and call us all in for dinner to enjoy the fruits of their labor. "Blood of the Ram" is the Austin band's seventh album and once again their plate is loaded full of the uniquely organic, Cajun spiced gonzo music that have made instant fans of every lucky soul who chanced to see the Gourds live. The band - frontman Kevin Russell, former Uncle Tupelo/Wilco fiddler Max Johnston, Claude Bernard, Jimmy Smith and Keith Langford - has gotten the party started; now it's just up to you to grab a cold beer, kick off your shoes and join in. So, what are you waiting for?

1- Lower 48 mp3
2- TTT Gas mp3
3- Escalade mp3
4- Illegal oyster mp3
5- Arapaho mp3
6- Wired Ol Gal mp3
7- On Time mp3
8- Do 4 U mp3
9- Let Him In mp3
10- Cracklins mp3
11- Spanky mp3
12- Blood Of The Ram mp3
13- Turd In My Pocket mp3