The Gibson Brothers - Iron and Diamonds CD

With Iron & Diamonds, Eric and Leigh have taken their rightful place on the American jukebox. The Gibsons have made a conscious effort to co-write most of the songs on this album. By using their own band and a single microphone for their duet vocals, you hear exactly what you hear in a live show: a tight ensemble that plays to the song, toneful and nuanced lead and duet harmonies, and songs that can move you to tears or to the dance floor.

1. Cabin Down Below 2:55
2. Iron & Diamonds 4:03
3. One Step Closer To The Grave 2:44
4. The Other Side of Town 3:28
5. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go 4:22
6. Lonely Me, Lonely You 3:06
7. Picker's Blues 3:21
8. A World So Full Of Love 2:57
9. Angry Man 2:35
10. Bloom Off The Rose 3:02
11. Long Way Down 2:48
12. Gone Home 3:09

Released 4/8/08